Leasing is a form of financing that is used to acquire equipment assets.  Leasing is increasingly popular as it allows for the payment of assets through regular payments on terms up to 72 months.

Equipment leasing can help your business by:

  • Allowing you to acquire equipment while preserving your working capital.
  • Simplifying your budget.  RCAP Leasing can structure the terms of your lease through regular fixed monthly payments that can be matched to the cash flows generated by the asset financed and the useful life of your equipment.
  • Offefing possible tax advantages.  Lease payments can be tax deductible, so the after-tax cost of leasing equipment may be more beneficial to you than other financing alternatives.
  • Allowing you to manage equipment obsolescence and keep pace with changes in technology.

Why resort to financing Leasing?

Leasing is a financing solution flexible, fast, simple and effective. It is better to preserve your ability to borrow from banks to the needs they are the only ones able to finance.

Qualifying for Leasing

Established businesses and professionals with a good credit rating can readily qualify. Newer businesses with very good credit can also qualify. We can provide lease financing for most credit situations and will make every effort to get even the most difficult credits financed at the best terms possible.

End of Lease Options

What are your options at the end of a lease?

At the end of a lease term you may:

  • Purchase the equipment at the option established at the beginning of the lease.
  • Continue to lease the equipment.
  • Upgrade the equipment by arranging a trade-in with the equipment supplier and starting a new lease based on the difference in cost.
  • Return the equipment



* The rates may vary depending on financing finalization date.
** Conditional upon approval from the finance company. First and last payment at signature.